Argyll Fisheries Trust

"To promote and improve the health of aquatic ecosystems and self sustaining fish populations. To understand the biology and ecology of all freshwater fish species, including those that migrate between fresh and marine waters, their environment and factors that affect them."


About Us

The Argyll Fisheries Trust currently consists of 1 full time and 1 part time staff and a Board of Directors.

Full time Staff

Alan Kettle-White (Senior Fisheries Biologist)
Alan is from Reading. He graduated from the Sparsholt College in 1997, with a BSc Hons Aquaculture and Fisheries Management. Before joining AFT in 1998, Alan had previously worked for the Environment Agency in England. He was promoted to senior fisheries biologist in 1999 and has led the trust to many of its achievements to date. His main interests are restoration and genetics projects.

Part Time Staff

Alyssa Stewart (Administrative Bookkepper) 


Board of Directors

Andrew Barker (Chairman)
Hugh Nicol (Company Secretary)
Roger Brook (Argyll District Salmon Fishery Board, Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland)
Tom Turnbull
Johnny Brown
David Stewart
Mrs Jane Wright, MBE
The Hon Mrs Tuggy Delap
Robert Younger (Fish Legal)
Mark Smith
Tim King (Treasurer) 
Alasdair Reynolds